International Riders

Introduction and goals

All over the world the handicapped population has been leaving their mark in competitive sports. Most countries relate to the disabled sector of competitive sports as a component which assists greatly in the rehabilitation process.


There are only a select few stables in Israel which deal with advancing competitive riding. These stables have set goals in the form of encouraging their riders to become independent and take part in sporting events as a part of their daily routine.

Dvash Stables, alongside the daily therapeutic lessons for the disabled, try's to encourage such behavior. Also, it is the home stable for the Israeli national team activities.


The Israeli role models – Motivation for success

The transformation from a child who receives treatment through horseback riding to a competitive rider which relates to riding as a profession is a major one. One must learn to cope with success and failure and recognize that persistence is mandatory.

In order to be able to make a successful transformation two factors are necessary. The first, is moral support from friends and family, the second is financial support in order to withstand the expenses such activities entail.

The Israeli riders, Omer Ben Dor, Jonathan Dressler and Amit Hasdai are role models for the younger generation of riders who watch them compete and succeed through a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Team activities

Up to today, the Israeli Paralympic Team has participated in four Olympic Games.

1996 – Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.
2000 - Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.
2004 – Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.
2008 - Olympic  Games in Beijing


Omer Ben Dor is riding his Dutch horse Ubbia Burga and this year in preparation for London 2012 he has participated in Moulhouse, France where he finished 3rd  individually. In August 6th, he won the open Belgium championship in his grade in a super score of 69.250%. Omer also participated in World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA.

In the beginning of September he is planning to participate in the European championship and in October, in the last qualifier for London 2012.


Jonathan Dressler, the youngest of the team members, has a borrowed horse in Holland and he is spending half of his time in Holland training and competing.
He has participated in Manheim- Germany, Deauville- France, Mulhouse- France, Belgium's open championships and planning to participate in the European championship and in October, in the last qualifier for London 2012.

Amit Hasdai, the newest member of the team, is riding his Dutch horse Ubilisk, has participated in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky- USA 2010, Manheim- Germany, Mulhouse- France and the open Belgium championships, and planning to participate in the European championship and in October, in the last qualifier for London 2012.


Sources of funding

Competitive riding for the disabled under the “Israeli Equestrian Federetion” has funded the athletes based on predefined criterions of results in competitive events.

Funding and assistance is given by the "Israeli Equestrian Federation" and mostly little help by friends and sponsors.

The Israeli Equestrian federation: The main organization dealing with all competitive equestrian events. Their contribution to disabled riding includes funding the entry fees for the riders in international shows – the European and World Championships and nothing more.

o    Private fund raising activities set forth by the members of the Disabled Riders Committee and by Dror Ben Shaul.

o    Private funding of the riders for plane tickets, hotel fees, clothing, horses, lessons, local competitions and other issues connected to the day to day aspects of the sport.

Omer, Jonathan and Amit train their horses on a daily basis. They travel to local and international shows and they must fulfill all the requirements placed upon an athlete representing his/her country.

The team trainer, Dror Ben Shaul, puts great effort in promoting and developing riders in his stables located in Batzra. Due to lack of funding, most of his activities are done voluntarily


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Amit Hasdai

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Omer Ben Dor

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